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Bringing G&S to Herefordshire and the Marches

<blockquote><h3>From G&S To Broadway</h3>Our Touring Summer show - see it this weekend</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Tripping Hither, Tripping Thither</h3>Iolanthe - 2012</blockquote> <blockquote><h3></h3>The Gondoliers - 2013</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Dance a Cachuca!</h3>Gondoliers - 2013</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Death To The Invader</h3>Princess Ida - 2014</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Mighty Maiden...</h3>Princess Ida -  2014</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Search Throughout The Panorama</h3>Princess Ida - 2014</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Pour oh pour the pirate sherry!</h3>Pirates of Penzance 2015</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>Let us gaily tread the measure!</h3>Pirates of Penzance 2015</blockquote> <blockquote><h3>A policeman's lot is not an 'appy one</h3>Pirates of Penzance 2015.</blockquote>