Schools Love our Matinee and Free Workshops

Q. Why are the Queens Yeomen called Beefeaters? A. They used to be paid in chunks of beef!

You are invited to our special schools performance of

The Yeomen of the Guard

on Wednesday 15 March 2017 at 2pm at The Courtyard Hereford. TICKETS £5. CONTACT: Lucy Walden 01432 507483

Our shows are a feast for the eyes and ears, full of memorable melodies, colourful sets and eye catching costumes.

Set in the Tower of London in the sixteenth century, the bitter sweet story involves a variety of characters including Jack Point the jester, Elsie Maynard a strolling singer, an aptly named jailer Wilfred Shadbolt and the chorus of Queen’s Beefeaters.

Schools that have attended for the past two years say that this is an enriching educational experience giving students a chance to:

1. Experience live musical theatre for only £5.
2. Participate in advance workshops by our Musical Director and cast members (at their school free of charge) where they learn the story and songs of the show
3. Engage with traditional Victorian musical theatre.
4. Sing along with the performers on stage and recognise cast from the workshops

Not to mention giving you and your staff a well earned break – during the workshop and the performance you can sit back and let us educate and entertain your kids.

Workshops take place in your school and are entirely free of charge. Matinee tickets cost just £5 per person. The show runs from 2pm to 4pm.

You can see clips from previous shows at

Photos of previous school workshops


 Alan Durman with pupils of Hampton Dene School in a Patience workshop


Pupils at St Martin’s school Hereford enjoying a workshop


Workshop at St Mary’s RC school, Lugwardine